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The Evangelical Episcopal Communion is, at its heart, a relational communion of ministers and ministries bound together by our apostolic calling. We have ministers, pastors, and bishops serving in a variety of settings, locations, and denominational backgrounds. We encourage inquiries from those interested in joining us at various levels of affiliations. Please see the information below and feel free to contact our ecumenical officer, Bishop Page Brooks, for more information.


Bishops, pastors, priests, or ministers may choose to affiliate with the EEC. Affiliation may consists of being canonically resident or simply being relationally affiliated with the Communion.


An individual does not have to leave their current church ministry or denominational context. All individuals are taken through a process of training and formation as they join the EEC. Those coming from non-succession backgrounds may go through a process of formation before consecration.


Churches, Ministries, and Organizations

Churches, ministries, and organizations may choose to affiliate with the EEC to provide fellowship, networking, and accountability for missional purposes.


Who Are We

Three levels of affiliation


Churches, ministries, and organizations share fully in the organic life of the communion. Ministers, pastors, priests, and bishops share ministry based upon common apostolic backgrounds and successions. There is full agreement in doctrine, the Lord’s Supper, and ministry.


Churches, ministries, and organizations share together in various ways, such as in worship, communion, and ministry. There is agreement in major aspects of doctrine and ministry, though some distinctions may exist.


Churches, ministries, and organizations are primarily relationally connected, which allows for ministry opportunities when available.

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